Image of a rat

Rat Eyesight

Nature has given all animals the physical assets they need

Raccoon Crossing the road

Where does a raccoon live?

Raccoons are very adaptable creatures, they can live almost anywhere

red squirrel eating a nut

Where Did Squirrels Originate?

Squirrels are one of the most common mammals in North

raccoon walking through snow

Where do raccoons go in winter?

Raccoons are among the most interesting and intelligent mammals in

squirrel roaming along forest floor

How Far Do Squirrels Roam?

Squirrels are mammals and as such, they establish territories and

fat ground squirrel in arizona

How Big Can Squirrels Get?

Squirrels are curious creatures. They love to explore the world

fat squirrel eating a nut

The Biggest Squirrel!

Most people know that squirrels are small. However, it turns

raccoon pack traveling through a yard

Do Raccoons Travel in Packs?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that are mostly seen by themselves

raccoon baby in a field

Raccoon Gestation Period

The raccoon lifespan is relatively short, so their gestation periods

old raccoon on a tree limb

Raccoon Lifespan: How Long Does a Raccoon Live?

The raccoon is a curious and intelligent animal that can

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